Skin Health

Collagen is a building block of our skin. It prevents skin from sagging and provides a youthful appearance by preserving the structure of the extracellular matrix. The ability to produce collagen diminishes as we age, leading to a noticeable reduction in skin firmness, elasticity, hydration, and radiance. This results in a weakened dermal layer, contributing to wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Exposure to UVA/UVB rays can cause skin damage and collagen loss. Titagen® Fish Collagen improves skin health and appearance.

Research has shown that fish collagen peptides can effectively penetrate the outermost layer of the skin and reach the epidermis and dermis. They stimulate fibroblast activation and promote collagen synthesis, which has significant implications for regulating skin biology and promoting the production of new collagen.

Titagen®  offers a comprehensive solution to optimize skin conditions. Collagen contains higher levels of specific amino acids. Clinical studies have also shown the reduction of fine lines, deep wrinkles & protection against UVB-induced skin damage.

The recommended dose of Titagen® for skin health is 5 mg.


Joint Health

Titagen® helps in regaining joint mobility & flexibility in individuals suffering from osteoarthritis and other bone disorders. Fish collagen improves bone mineral density and is an anti-inflammatory supplement used widely in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors. 

The deterioration of cartilage is associated with aging, obesity, extensive physical work, high-impact activities, and injuries. Moreover, as we grow older, our bodies experience a decline in collagen production, resulting in joint stiffness and reduced flexibility. Even athletes encounter joint pain due to their rigorous training.

The research has proved that Titagen® significantly alleviates joint pain and discomfort by repairing matrix degradation. Cartilage, a resilient and flexible connective tissue located at the ends of bones in joints, relies on collagen fibers for its structure and strength. These collagen fibers prevent bone-on-bone friction and act as a cushion during movement.

Hence, Titagen® enhances joint health by strengthening the structure of cartilage and joints. It also facilitates the repair of joint matrix degeneration and improves mobility, thereby reducing joint pain. 

The recommended dose of Titagen® for joint health is 10 mg.

Sports Nutrition

Collagen peptides such as Fish collagen peptide, Titagen® provide sportspeople and athletes with many health and nutritional advantages, particularly during and after exercise. Proper recovery of muscles and joints is essential to perform at their best. Intense and repetitive activity can lead to collagen degradation in the body. Collagen peptides are rich in specific amino acids, particularly Glycine and Proline, essential for producing Collagen.

Muscles are vital for enhancing physical performance, endurance, and strength. Connective tissues like cartilage and ligaments play a significant role in physical performance. Collagen, a primary protein in the body, is crucial for cartilage and bones’ cohesion, elasticity, and regeneration.

Hydrolyzed fish collage supplement consumption protects from high-impact stress and prevents injury in sports. It also promotes joint health by stimulating Collagen production in cartilage to reduce the risk of injuries.


Improves Muscle Mass

The gradual decline in muscle mass is linked with increasing age, leading to reduced metabolic rate and strength. Fish Collagen peptides benefit individuals by preventing the loss of lean body mass.

Many people start to experience loss of muscle mass from the age of 35 years. Muscle mass loss leads to various adverse effects, including decreased muscle strength, mobility issues, falls, weak bones (osteoporosis), increased risk of fractures, reduced activity levels, diabetes, weight gain, and loss of physical function. Meeting the protein requirements can be challenging, so Titagen®, Fish collagen peptides offer an ideal solution for protein supplementation for preserving lean muscle mass.

Weight Management

Titagen®, Fish Collagen peptides play a crucial role in managing weight by aiding calorie management. It is effective in weight maintenance without adverse effects. Also, the satiating effects are better as compared to other protein sources.

The fish collagen-fortified supplements lead to reduced food intake and weight loss. The satiating effects of collagen protein may be due to slow stomach emptying. Furthermore, collagen peptides may impact the hormones involved in the brain’s satiety center, contributing to feelings of fullness and satisfaction.


Bone Health

Titagen® aids in restoring bone mineral density and safeguarding overall bone health. As a hydrolyzed protein peptide, it provides strength and flexibility to bones. It helps to mitigate the risk of osteoporosis and improve quality of life as we age.

Collagen constitutes the primary organic protein found in bones, comprising approximately 30% of their composition. Maintaining optimal bone density and strength becomes increasingly important for overall well-being as we age. Titagen® stimulates osteoblasts, the cells responsible for bone formation, thereby preventing the loss of bone density.  

The research has demonstrated that Titagen®, a  fish collagen peptide, aids in restoring bone mineral density, which is crucial for maintaining bone strength. It further decreases the process of bone resorption and promotes healthy bone formation, thereby reducing the risk of fractures. 

The recommended dose of Titagen® for bone health is 10 mg.

Promotes Healthy Hair

Collagen peptides, rich in amino acids, are required to form Keratin, a protein for healthy hair growth. It fights against free radicals and prevents hair damage. Hydrolyzed collagen peptide, Titagen®, prevents age-related hair thinning and loss. Collagen supplements are easier to absorb in the body resulting in healthy hair.


Improves Nail Health

Collagen is an essential protein responsible for stronger nails. With age, collagen production starts to decline, leading to brittle nails. Supplementing hydrolyzed fish collagen peptide, Titagen® promotes nail growth.

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